The Property

It was established as a summer retreat for the Royal family of Tripura in the 1920s by the then Maharaja of Tripura. The Hotel is nested amidst the Abode of Clouds surrounded by beautiful alpine hills with a view of the luscious pine trees and traditional tin-clad huts of Shillong. The hotel's location is a perfect balance between the serenity of nature and the city's liveliness.

The 9 acres of the property is built on the traditional values of the Manikya Dynasty. The Property has 35 rooms made of ancient architectural styles, 3 independent wooden cottages situated amidst the freshness of nature and 4 restaurants where traditions are served with a touch of experiment. Tripura Castle is divided into three The Heritage Wing, The Forest Wing and The Valley Wing, giving our guests a variety of options to choose from.

Heritage Wing is an extension of the Royal Resident which will bring our guest’s ‘Once Upon a Time’ dream come to life. The 10 wooden structured rooms accompanied by warm brass fire chimneys surrounded by the luxurious art deco is an ambience most suitable for the old-souls in our stayers.

The Wing has a separate restaurant for its hotel guests to enjoy the delicious Indian and Chinese cuisine while watching the beautiful Shillong raindrops splatter in the courtyards. Royalty is served on a plate at this particular restaurant as the food is prepared by the culinary artists who have been serving the Royal family of Tripura for ages.

The Heritage Wing Mezzanine bar is a private corner in the mezzanine level of the Heritage Wing which is open exclusively for the hotel guests and club members. A sip of the Tripura Castle’s Maharaja Special, a vodka-infused cocktail made using the Maharaja’s secret recipe with a game of pool seems like an ideal evening plan for our guests.

The Forest Wing is surrounded by the beautiful pine forest of the property, giving a sneak peek to the beautiful greenery of Meghalaya. This Wing is built where the Printing Press and Armory of the Royal Family once stood. The Forest wing has 6 rooms and 3 independent wooden cottages giving our hotel guests freshness of nature which is rare in the modernizing world.

The Valley Wing is situated where once the colourful rose gardens and stables of the Royal family stood. The 15 rooms of the Valley wing come with balconies to give the experience of the beautiful cityscape of Shillong while our hotel guests sip their morning cup of tea.

Adorned with the memorabilia from history, music and sports from the Maharaja’s personal collection, The Valley View Wing Resto Bar is an all-time classic. The lounge brings the rich cultures and spices of Meghalaya on a platter along with the Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisines. The guests are welcome to dine under the stars on the lawn which is a part of the lounge.

The place takes us back to an era of kings and myths, with its ancient structures and corners filled with stories of the past. The hotel is decorated with ancient artefacts, a tunnel which opens to the colourful rose gardens and an underground bomb shelter which dates back to World War II, bringing history back to life.

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